Ames Pro

The trusty comic lettering font Ames comes to you updated and complete with Italic and Bold Italic cuts!

Seen in many popular LINE Webtoon and Hiveworks webcomics and numerous printed and digital indie comics from all over the world, the free comic font Ames has been an indie comic creator's pal since 2011. Ames Pro is the updated, commercial (but not expensive!) version from 2018 that comes with Italic and Bold Italic cuts, improved performance and added extra characters.


So what do we have here?

  • Regular, Italic, Bold Italic
  • Alternate uppercase characters
  • Latin Extended character set
  • Alternate numeric characters
  • Automatic OpenType ligatures
  • Dingbats: ♥, ♡, ★, ☆, ♪, ♫


This is what it looks like!

Updated Regular cut

Old Ames has been buffed and polished to perform better at lower resolutions and it comes with a new set of digits and dingbats. Now, not only pairs of two identical letters get automatically swapped for pairs where the second letter is a slightly differing alternate, but the number pairs do that as well.

Now comes with Italic and Bold Italic

No more program-generated faux italics or bolds with Ames Pro. Hooray!

Latin Extended character set

Not only does Ames Pro support every Latin-script using European language, but also many African languages, including: A whole bunch of Bantu languages, Afrikaans, Cape Verdean Creole, Jola-Fonyi, Kalenjin, Malagasy, Sango and Teso.