Hey there! Would you like a comic book lettering font? I made this one here, see, called Ames. It's carefully kerned and comes with an extensive set of European and special characters.

It also has automatic ligatures, which means that when you type the same letter twice in a row – in words like pool or wall, for example – the second letter gets automatically switched to a slightly differing alternate. Only if the program you are using supports OpenType features, though!

The font does not, however, come with an italic or bold cut. So you may have to pair it up with another font or resort to using program-generated faux italic or bold. Gross, I know.

Unless your operating system is, like, from last millennium, the font should work fine on both PC and Mac.

If you only need a font for lettering your own comics or do not plan on using the font for profit, go ahead and download this thing already from the link below! For details, please scroll down a bit more and have a look at the License Agreement.

Any questions, comments? E-mail me at pjtoikka (at) gmail.com! C:

>> OpenType font <<


Ames © Päivi Toikka, All Rights Reserved. This font file may not be redistributed without my permission. Ames is a freeware font for independent comic creation and non-profit use only. Basically, this means:
  • Anyone may use this font for non-profit projects.
  • You may use this font for profit on comics of your own creation.
  • You may not use this font for profit on comics that have not been created by you.
  • Any other commercial use not listed above is not allowed.
If you have questions, please contact me at pjtoikka (at) gmail.com.

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